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Our Business

We have been in Korean agricultural products exporting industry for more than 12 years as professionals.

Experienced and well-trained staffs always endeavor to manage quality issues to provide

our products worldwide in the best condition.

You will never regret choosing us as your supplier,

the best qualified Korean agricultural products will be there with you, right on time.

비지니스 소개 밑에 들어갈 사진.jpg

2018 Becoming one of the Leading Exporters of Korean Fresh Agricultural products

2017 Beginning to export Korean Fresh Mushrooms, Vegetables (Europe, Canada, Australia)

2012 Adding product range and expanding export business worldwide

           (Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada)

2011 Beginning to export Korean Fresh Fruits (Kiwi fruit, Musk melon)

2010 Distributing organic blueberry domestically as a grower, owning five large farms located eastern Korea

2009 Good Morning Korea Co.,Ltd. was established

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